Knock knock, how’s there?
Andy Varonier invited by …

The wine at the center of the encounter - this is the credo of Andy Varonier and his winery C. Varonier and sons in Varen. A way was sought to combine the products with exciting everyday stories. Away from boring advertising, into adventure.

Authentic stories were needed. Partner companies and other Walliser vintners became part of the «Varonier z’Gascht bi…». Not only Varonier's products should be included in the concept of the show. We were allowed to produce several seasons of the TV series that took us from the Simplon Eagle to the land of the Vikings.

The openness of the hosts allowed one to look behind the scenes and into the private lives of these people. What has characterized their life so far, which challenges have been mastered and most importantly, what is the passion of these people. Cooking with Andy is only part of the whole concept. It is cherished to life and the stories behind it.

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