The journey is the destination

Kaiser Wilhelm II once said: The car is a temporary phenomenon. I believe in the horse! Well, Willy, Garage St. Christophe proves the opposite. The hot cars from Willy Marner and his team offer pure driving pleasure. We were allowed to redesign the corporate design and realize all communication channels. In order to give the garage a new look, various lettering work and advertising material followed.

With the help of our drones and camera systems, the road to Lac Derborence served as the perfect location to demonstrate the dynamic and driving pleasure of the new Ford Focus RS. So that we can cover a wide variety of target groups, we are constantly planning further video productions to show the new vehicles from their best side. To support this, a new social media strategy is being developed to record test drives and driving enjoyment.

«With the rebranding, Schnydaer gave our company a fresh, contemporary face and always puts our «models» in the right spotlight in moving images. Everything from one team - dynamic, competent, uncomplicated.»

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