We are a bunch of rebels, image polisher, strategy strikers and digital droppers. We are SCHNYDAER. We’re here for you.



Michi, originally a karateka with graphic ambitions, developed a serious advertising agency in Upper Wallis. He loves creativity just as much as playing with his electric train, his brand-new looking Game Boy color, in his Gucci jacket.

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Young, cheeky and talented - our photographer Marco has been a big part of our team for years. The social media coach and his dog Nala @dogswiss can be found every now and then in the most beautiful places in Wallis to take a shot of its magnificent side.

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Dennis, a veteran of the Schnydär Creative Agency. Starting as an advertising technician, he has developed into a popular filmmaker and drone pilot. At the end of the day, he can easily ride his bike from Gampel to Bern and back. Mind you, good effort!

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Chrigi, our typographical high-flyer and branding genius with ambitions to go through the roof. While he's not flying through social media as Karlsson AufdemDach, on Carneval day, you’ll meet him with his fearsome boyband trash taking the entire village population. He finds Anglicisms to be absolute bullshit and the answer to his house on the lake in Unterbäch: Nice!

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Chris, the old fart(man) with beard. Even being the youngest member of the team, he’s got a few years of Grafic design under his belt. In addition to his knack for illustrations of all kinds of art, he loves Carnival just as much as Darth Vader's calm breathing as background music at the breakfast table.

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Zeno – a geek, beer and gin lover, trendsetter in Birkenstock and woolen socks. Persuaded vegetarian after a bet. He is our man of all trades. Whether design our websites, patiently rendering 3D visualization, animating frames or hearing IT questions from everyone else. Calm and always in good spirit. What would we do without you - Zeno.

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Elena, our specialized bachelor marketing specialist, pulls out the Excel planning as if there was no tomorrow. When she is not maintaining countless social media channels for our customers, she’s stalking the big fish around the world’s ponds. For tips and tricks for a big catch - contact Elena.

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Precision is very important to Wendy. Whether at work or in his free time. As the founder of Schnyder Neon over 30 years ago, Wendy is still a solid rock of our team today. Not only is he a master on the Basler drum, thanks to his bike tours he also has calves that make even Shaqiri jealous.

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Hildy, the fairy godmother of the Schnydär family. Always an open ear and time for a little banter. She has been our receptionist for years, welcoming customers and guests with great charm. On top of that, every little visit to the reception gives you a Sugus or Carambar to keep your blood sugar up.

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Daria, our administration and wage princess. She speaks fluent German, English, French and Michi-titsch and is therefore our first choice when it comes to well-founded translations. Daria also works in the social education sector with troubled youth - also a helpful skill for a team like us.

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Every now and then is also he a guest at our agency. In addition to his passion for fine wines, he loves working with our customers and is there to advise them with great sensitivity and charm.

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Melanie Wyär


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The world is a village. Our Alexandra has travelled around it several times and is on a first-name basis with most of the bartenders and street-food chefs in the backyards of this world. When she does come to Gampel, she is a specialist in aesthetics and could even give the Adobe dudes a tip or two about InDesign. Yeah baby yeah!

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We offer holistic advertising and concepts, tailor-made – so that you too can take off to the next level.

We’ll give your brand a unique character and look after you from A to Z. This is where we shine.


#Idea & Creative concept
#Strategy consulting
#Advertising activities


#Graphics & Design
#Websites & Apps
#Photography & Film
#Augmented & Virtual Reality
#Print shop & illuminated advertising
#Texts & Naming


#Social media channels
#Advertising campaigns
#Events & Livestreams
#Influencer Marketing
#Print Advertising & Web Banner
#Public Relations


#Social Media Support
#Marketing Planning
#Photo & Film Service
#Brand support
#Croudsharing Projects
#Coffee & croissants

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Swiss PR Image of the Year

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