Welcome Home

Small but mighty - this is a brief description of the idyllic mountain village of Unterbäch. In the future, the small destinations will not only shine as an insider tip for dreamy summer and winter experiences, but will also be winner with a fresh, modern appearance. Uniform appearance for the community and tourism with the focus on moving emotions - that was the task we were happy to face.

«Fresh, modern and emotional - this is how the new website of Unterbäch Tourismus can be briefly described. Thanks to the Schnydaer Werbung team for the creative and professional execution of the new corporate design and the revealing world of images, in line with the new slogan Unterbäch - Welcome home!»

The basis of the new corporate design is the updated logo with umbrella and sub-brands. A new face for Unterbäch was developed from this with print applications, signage and a user-friendly website. The whole thing was rounded off with various photo shoots. This created an inviting, emotional world of images that many large destinations could be jealous of. Or as Unterbäch puts it: Welcome home.

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