long live digitization

Monotony in the world of work can lead to mistakes with big consequences. To make this a thing of the past, the team at syrto AG has decided to find innovative solutions in the field of teleoperation and automation. The solution, a fully automatic monitoring of machines so that specialists can devote themselves to more important topics. The professionals with an industrial and engineering background solve even the trickiest of tasks.

The owl always keeps an eye on its prey. This is exactly how the monitoring system of syrto AG works. Work steps are checked and analyzed. The processes are completely digital. This approach was incorporated into the overall branding. We were allowed to tailor both print material and a website for syrto AG. In addition, film and photo recordings were made so that the solutions can be presented to future customers.

«These creative minds from Schnydaer agency took on my ideas and delivered the top-quality product that I wanted. Not an easy thing, but they did it.»

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