More as birds and trees

What comes to your mind when you hear the name «Pfyn-Finges»? Our goal was to create a first movement which shows that the nature park consists of more than «just» the well-known Pfynwald. For this purpose, we developed a cross-media advertising campaign with the Pfyn-Finges team, which portrayed the residents and their hobbies from all over the nature park. From the little girl as «Gnooggärfüdi» to the passionate rocker in AC / DC outfit - we have shown that the nature park is much bigger than you think.

«With Schnydaer agency we have found a strong partner for our image campaign.»

As an additional task, our agency designed the new website for the nature park. We had the challenge of entertaining and informing a wide variety of target groups with just a few clicks. For this reason, we built a kind of portal that asks the user early on which topics they want to discover. This user experience has been maintained to this day and is still part of the user guidance of the website. We then created some of the images and also various communication work for the nature park.

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