Excelence through education

César Ritz conquered the whole world as «Gommi»! He was considered the pioneer of the hotel industry and shaped entire generations with his style and vision. 100 years later, mysterious lightning and sparkles appear in his birthplace in Niederwald. César Ritz is back! He came back with a carriage as a time machine to put the best hosts in Valais through their paces. Our advertising campaign was published throughout the canton and we had the honor of retelling such an impressive story for ritzy *.

Various video and photo productions, a landing page with content on the partners, but also a media breakfast and PR work served as the basis of the advertising campaign. Together with students from the HES-SO, a social media wall was created, which roamed the Valais as a pop-up event. You were allowed to dress up as a teenager and post funny photos of yourself and your friends with the appropriate hashtag.

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