Konichiwa – Katana meet raclette cheese

The Susten garage is a traditional family business. The picture mark shows a modern interpretation of the business owners family logo. The dynamic design is used in both print and digital. A new website and photos of the company complete the overall picture. Last but not least, we were able to create an advertising campaign that caused a smile on social media channels.

«We are always very satisfied with the cooperation with Schnydaer. They are always available for new ideas and support us in all matters extremely professionally. Thank you for that!»

A Hohtenner veteran dressed as a samurai. Raclette cheese that is spread with the katana. If that's not a story! Japanese technology meets traditional «Walliser» original. This is what the ad should emit. A genuine «Eringer» cow played a leading role. The combination of the animal with the latest CX-5 model from Mazda provided that certain something. And it made our graphic artist shiver - she was allowed to paint the back of the cow with the Mazda logo.

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