mls architects – alpine architexellence

Those who can proof themself in the mountains will survive many a storm. The team at mls architects stands for extraordinary construction projects in the alpine regions and lives passion in their work as well as in private life. So that these values are lived and communicated, we worked out a new positioning together, freshened up the branding and portrayed some employees with videos. Profession stems from calling and this professional pride, represent by mls, had to be made visual.

We expanded the existing branding with a picture mark, which consists of the 3 initials of the partners. These form a star to represent the team's origin, quality and synergy. Combined with a new world of images, a new corporate design was created, which was developed together with the website and a fresh PR and social media strategy.

«Competent from the idea to execution. The team from Schnydaer agency creates a new image for mls architects, which perfectly reflects our philosophy and our actions. We are proud to bring our new visual identity to the mountain region.»

«The creative minds are still in their feathers in the morning» it is sometimes said. But with this dedicated team, even our boys had to start filming before dawn. We were able to accompany and experience the everyday work of individual employees throughout the canton. The resulting short portraits show how exciting it can be to turn your passion into your profession. Thank you for your great commitment, dear mls team.

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