Your or my gas station? Our gas station!

Logo, corporate design, video and photo productions, social media and website, these are just a few of the topics that we were able to change in communication. It was important to us to use the great potential in advertising and to create an identity for this unique shop. It shouldn't be a gas station like any other, but a regional meeting place that inspires and entertains.

Saturday morning, 9 am Gampel. A real beast comfortably sips her coffee and enjoys a delicious sandwich. Then she gets into an Air Glacier helicopter and escapes into the Lötschental with oven-fresh croissants. Where could that be? Exactly, at “Iischi Tankstell” in Gampel. Tradition and regionality make this communication a fun and effective tool. In addition to Grauholz, the Socar gas station is one of the most successful shops in Switzerland, which Chrigi Brenner and his team are passionate about every day.

A very special moment was the 2020 renovation, which was accompanied by communication. Short construction site videos, insights into the development of the building and funny clips about teasing the opening. A project close to our hearts - as our direct neighbors, we are regular customers at «Iischi Tankstell».

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