Welcome to the lion's cave.

Actually, we're not so different on paper; EHC Visp and we stand for passion and commitment. From a physical point of view, however, the boys clearly put us on the ice! Since we were able to win the agency pitch for this traditional club in 2018, we have been accompanying the Visper hockey club as an advertising partner. Together with the new ice rink, fresh, digital communication had to be created, which we were able to establish with the EHC Visp team.

A new website, social media content, video and photo productions and the annual designs of the player jerseys are just some of the advertising measures that we are allowed to implement for EHC Visp every season. We also regularly fill the multimedia cube with content from both the club and sponsors. Good team play is not only reflected in sport, but also in communication between the club and the company.

«Schnyder Werbung perfectly executes the dynamism and power of the EHC Visp. Whether with the dress, the animations, the advertising or the fan articles.»

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