«What, your heating still smokes?»

The family-run company Kippel AG not only speaks about sustainability, but also represents it with its employees. For the 50th company anniversary there was dancing, celebrating and the new appearance was solemnly presented. We were allowed to design the entire appearance as well as the celebrations and made the company fit for the digital age. The entire appearance has been made clearer, simpler and with an emotional message.

In addition to the strategic and graphic changes, a concept was developed for the marketing of lighthouse projects, such as the legendary «Autarki», which will set new standards in the area of self-sufficient living for this region. Last but not least, we would of course like to thank the hard-working Kippel employees who put a lot of body and soul into promoting the message of this company in the video productions.

«The Schnydaerlini, together with our external copywriters, knew how to give us a fresh and tuneful appearance on the occasion of our 50th anniversary with simultaneous rebranding in 2019. Top for film, photo, layout and concept. THANK YOU.»

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