A little monkey business turns into a big player

What does a monkey have to do with a construction machinery rental company? Well, opinions differ. Some say that gorillas are as strong as the reliable devices of the small SMEs from Raron. Others believe in the sheer willingness of the great monkey's work. Regardless of how, the striking appearance brought the young company a loyal and satisfied clientele. And we didn't find a packhorse so sexy after all.

A job straight out of a picture book. Call, meeting, what up? - we were sympathetic, we agreed and the rebranding was born. Always with the goal in mind, all measures were conceptually turned upside down, analyzed and planned. Not worried about getting our hand dirty. We couldn't even hand over the monkey costume to an actor like that. This had to be brought over with passion. And we still do the best in monkey theater!

«With the creative, motivated and uncomplicated work of the Schnydaer agency, our new corporate identity was a perfect success. Even after 2 years we still get positive feedback and can stand behind our logo / advertising. For us, Schnydaer agency is the competent partner for our advertising, website and vehicle labeling.»

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