Bathtubs which invite you to dream

SAB, a traditional company from Steg, that turns bathroom dreams into reality according to customer requirements. The well-known logo has been completely redesigned. A contemporary website was created including inviting images. The monochrome color choice of the branding remains discreetly in the background in order to direct the focus to the dreamy bathrooms.

«An oasis of well-being when it comes to our advertising. Whether in image, text or film format - the Schnydaer team always gives us top advice and their ideas have exceeded our expectations every time. Thank you for the pleasant cooperation.» 

To round off the whole project, we were allowed to produce a commercial, but it doesn't take itself too seriously. The bathroom is now a harmonious oasis of wellbeing. In «SAB» bathtub, not only do “dream bodies” like the one from the Visper “Schoris” want to indulge in relaxation, but also ... Sponge over it - see for yourself.

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