Himalaya style on the Allalin glacier.

A new positioning had to be found for Intersport Glacier in Saas-Fee. Although the shop benefits from the world-famous «Intersport» brand, the company wanted to establish itself with its own brand. In order to illustrate extreme winter conditions, we visualized a 3-meter-tall and 200-kilogram Yeti that makes the Saas Glacier unsafe. From this story we formed the complete redesign, the labeling of the branch and a new website.

«The Schnydaer team, the alpha and omega when it comes to advertising. We were able to carry out our new marketing presence in a professional and goal-oriented manner. We are completely satisfied. Thank you very much.»

At the opening, we actually wanted to stamp Yeti tracks in the snow. However, they were probably afraid that the secret service would suddenly appear in Saas Fee. Therefore, the new opening was celebrated in the classic way with a nice aperitif. The Yeti was enforced with a new LED neon sign and supplemented with shop window lettering. The new website was continuously analyzed and optimized by SEO and SEA.

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