«He was my first»

This is the answer from Michael when you ask him about his first customer. The two have had a long history together. Ideas and mischief were discussed and forged. We were allowed to realize the entire corporate design of the Varonier & Sons winery. Including business stationery, wine labels and currently the redesign of the website.

Images and illustrations were created together with Andy. The wine line in particular, based on Andy's grandfather and founder Caesar, is one of the many creations that were developed together. Various formats were also launched. The TV and social media program «Varonier z’Gascht bi…» was created from the idea of enjoying wine together. Well-known personalities from all areas talk to Andy about exciting topics.

«Ten years ago, we placed the trust in the young Schnydaer team for our marketing activities and have not regret a day of cooperation. There is probably no more dynamic and competent team in this country that acts as universal as Schnydaer. We look forward to further cooperation.»

Our creative team also developed a cantonal wide-ranging campaign on the «Varenheit» wines. Wallis clichés were questioned in a funny way and people from the respective regions were interviewed about them. The result is a unique and refreshingly different wine product from Varen that bears the signature of Andy.

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