Not the best, but better than the rest!

Short and painless: Best bar menu in Switzerland 2020! The entrepreneurial couple Sara and Hannes Schalbetter are like Bonny and Clyde of the bar scene. The company lives hospitality to the fullest. Quality and experience are very important in the Walliserkanne and Sigis Bar. We were able to design the entire creative concept, the layout of the award-winning bar menu and the associated photo shoot together with them.

«Schnydaer - the creative support of our company! We «got along» straight away! Our conceptions and ideas were taken up, «spun on» and then generated in a super creative way! We won the award for the best bar menu in Switzerland - certainly thanks to the great Schnydaer team! We will continue to build on your creative inputs and your know-how in advertising and digital marketing in the future!»

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