There they are again, the «Walliser»!  

For several years now, we have been able to create regional photo reports for Valais Wallis magazine and Schweizer Illustrierte. Starting with our «Bärta» the black-nosed sheep. The coincidental shot is now hanging on the walls in many places, was mentioned in blogs in South Korea, Japan, the USA and Germany and was even awarded the PR picture award for the Swiss picture of the year in Hamburg in 2018.

Barry the Saint Bernard, the marmot and the famous Walliser black neck goat have also been featured in the magazines. Barry even made it to the cover star of Wallis Magazine. He and his small dog family were photographed in the most beautiful spots in our canton - an unforgettable editorial story.

You can usually find the most beautiful spots on earth in your own region. You can even marvel at pyramids in Wallis. In the little village Euseigne you will find bizarre rock shapes that are reminiscent of the Egyptian buildings. We spared no expense or effort, true to the theme, to organize a camel caravan and photograph it in the region.

«Photographer Marco Schnyder's pictures have a magic all of their own. Especially when he has animals in front of the camera in their natural habitat. Be it sheep, dogs, reindeer or even camels - it always seems as if they have given their consent to the photo shoot. It is also unmistakable that as a mountain hiker he is deeply rooted in nature and that can be experienced in his pictures.»

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