If the chemistry is right, the reaction is right too.

Make job descriptions virtually visible. That was the briefing of the large corporation in Visp. Together with our technology partner Xtend interactive, we developed a new concept to make exhibitions and visits to LONZA unique. We developed the new «LONZA Learn» app, which serves as a portal to the virtual world. We expanded various advertising materials such as roll-ups, postcards or flyers in order to digitally bring the learner's story to life.

Our team created the new layouts of the virtual advertising material and produced new image and video worlds in order to expand them with augmented reality. So that it is not just about entertainment, an information field is displayed with each scan that takes the user to a suitable landing page. We combine information gathering with new media and show how cool a learning job can be at LONZA.

#Grafic design
#Augmented Reality

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