Know what cures since 1894.

As one of the first shops in Bern's Kirchenfeld district, the Kirchenfeld pharmacy still emits great charm. The dark wood pharmacy cabinets immediately catch the eye and, in combination with the large, light-giving shop windows decorated with love, they create a feel-good atmosphere that you can hardly find in any other pharmacy. Pharmacist Nicolas Lutz - owner since 2019 - commissioned us with the exciting task of creating a new corporate design.

«The Schnydaer team is committed, creative and quickly executes our ideas..»

The appearance impresses with its modern, contemporary design, without losing the spirit of the traditional pharmacy that is over 125 years old. A new CI, representative photos, an informative website and simple labeling supports the service company's communication today. Cheers to your health and the next 100 years.

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