Passion and vision –
we drink to that, cheers!

Modernity and innovation - when you see the new building in Salgesch, it becomes clear that these values are very important to Fernand Cina. We took these values to heart and developed a modern brand for the historic wine family. The modern interpretation of the family logo is at the heart of communication and runs from the wine label to the website.

When designing the labels, we made sure that recognition is retained despite the large variety of wines. We combine different shades with metal effects for the classic line to keep a lively and fresh awareness. The noble barrique wines in the massive Burgundy bottles have a high-quality effect due to the cartography of a vineyard and underpin the great care taken in winemaking.

The gem of the company is the new winery in Salgesch. A stunning piece of architecture inspired by the unique shape of the vines in the vineyards. We were allowed to support the construction with creative concepts for the interior as well as a magnificent LED neon sign in the entrance.

«The mutual cooperation always led to the goal. We only get positive feedback for the new label line. We are grateful to have found such a fast and reliable advertising partner.»

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